We keep Jesus the main thing.

We are people that have found hope in Jesus. This isn’t a religion to us, but a relationship. Everything we do in our lives and at our church revolves around the fact that when we were still sinners, Jesus died for us, and now we strive to give Him all of us. In everything we do, Jesus is our focus.

We do life together

No one was meant to go through life alone. We need each other. We understand we are all on our own journey with God and that our faith is suppose to be personal, but it was never meant to be private. We believe that healthy, life-giving relationships are where real life-change happens and where our faith is worked out. We share our lives with each other through small group communities because we all need a group of friends who can push us, comfort us, and encourage us. At Freedom Church, we value deep authentic relationships and will be a people who fight for unity, are insanely loyal, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and love each other deeply.

We add value to the world around us.

We realize that God has blessed us with gifts, talents, resources, and time so that we may serve the world around us. We have chosen to exceed the expectations of the world by living with radical generosity so others may see our love for God and His love for them. With every action, word we speak, and in every situation, we will leave it better than we found it.

We believe in the next generation

We believe that every person is important to the work God is doing in this world, and we love seeing different generations standing together as His Church. Because the natural bend of the church is to grow older, at Freedom Church, we intentionally look to, believe in, and empower the next generation of kids and teenagers to lead NOW. They are not merely the future, they are our answer to reaching the world today. Partnered with the generations ahead of them, we strive to give this generation of young people a safe place to learn how God has wired and gifted them, as well as an environment to strengthen and utilize those gifts. At Freedom Church, we consistently get behind the next generation of leaders and push them to the front.

We live with Urgency.

We understand that there are people in this world who have not found the love of God, so we will live with urgency in everything we do. When we live with urgency we make the choice to say no to the good things in order to say yes to the great things. We will hold nothing back to reach the lost and advance His kingdom on earth.


If you want to know more about who we are as a church and what we believe, we encourage you to listen to the four messages from our past series, “The Church I See.”

Each week, our Lead Pastor, Ryan Vinson, explained the vision of Freedom Church, the values we live by, and who God has called us to be to the world around us.